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Susenji MOFA+

Susenji MOFA+

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Fall in love with our MOFA+ with passionfruit and cooltox added! Super refreshing in Singapore’s humid weather.


  • Flatten belly
  • Clean and detox colon
  • Ease bloating
  • Irregular digestion
  • Helps with intestinal movement of stubborn, old poop

How to drink:

  1. Add 200ml of room temp or cold water to shaker cup
  2. Pour 1 sachet of Mofa+ into shaker cup
  3. Shake well and consume immediately

Recommended to drink 1-2 hours after your last meal.
Enjoy smooth bowel movement 8-10 hours later.

MOFA+ is an all natural fibre and fruits enzyme detox product. No laxatives involved. If you feel constantly bloated, have constipation issues or simply want to cleanse your body system, this is for you! 

One box has 20 sachets inside. First box is to try the taste and see how it works. One full treatment is actually 3 boxes (60 days). By then, your body would have achieved a good cleanse after the accumulation of nonsense throughout all the years. It will take some time to clear all the toxins. Don’t be surprised by how much poop you have.

Thereafter, take once every 2-3 days for maintenance or after an oily, heavy meal. 

Take note: You will go more regularly for first 1-2 weeks of taking MOFA. This is completely normal as the cleansing process and purging out ALLLLL the toxins stuck in your intestines all this while. After the initial purge, MOFA will regulate your shit cycle and you should go 1-2 times a day. Depends on individuals but usually after 1-2 weeks. 

*Take 1/2 a sachet for the first try to let your body get used to it, once you are comfortable, feel free to take a whole sachet. 

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