Our Philosophy

Anchored in the principle of "less-is-more," their brand philosophy resonates with the discerning consumers seeking minimalist yet potent beauty solutions.By Philocali bestowed the gift of time and self-indulgence, facilitating precious moments of personal pampering and empowering self-discovery even amidst the most demanding schedules.

  • Science-Backed

    Harnessing the transformative power of scientific research and innovation to drive the development of our exceptional skincare solutions.

  • Quality

    We collaborate with experienced professionals, experts, and industry leaders to uphold the highest standards.

  • Ethics

    We uphold the highest moral and ethical standards in all our endeavours, ensuring honesty, fairness, and authenticity in every aspect of our brand.

  • Innovation

    Our commitment to innovation fuels our passion for creating products that inspire, transform, and deliver unprecedented results.


One of the greatest skin sins one can commit is to skip out on certain skincare steps. But with hectic schedules...

This New 3-In-1 Face Mist Serves As Toner, Moisturiser, & Mask, Helps Busy Ladies Save Time On Skincare

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Beauty Insider Awards 2023: Best Skincare Award (Best Face Mist, Best Innovative Brand 2023)  

Why This Product is A Winner:

Liquid Masque By Philocali has become an essential part of my skincare routine! 

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26 Best Beauty Products In Singapore That Are Essential In Every Girl’s Routine

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