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COLLEET BEAVI 9 | Health & Wellness Supplement

COLLEET BEAVI 9 | Health & Wellness Supplement

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BEAVI 9, a refined blend of premium, handpicked natural herbs and ingredients sourced from Asia and Japan - is the perfect solution for those experiencing symptoms such as cold hands and feet, shortness of breath, fatigue, weak immunity, chronic coughs, constant back aches, and dull complexion due to low vitality. 

What truly sets us apart is the remarkable convenience and delightful taste that you won't typically find in health supplements.

Say goodbye to the bitterness you've come to expect.

With 15 sticks per box, it is perfect for a 15-day supply. 

Got questions regarding Beavi 9? We're here to help! Explore our FAQ page for answers here! 


For daily wellness, take one stick after your first meal daily.

Intensive Boost (Post-Op Recovery / Post-Pregnancy Care):
For intensive care, take two sticks after your first meal daily.

You can consume it directly or mix it with 100ml of warm water for a soothing experience. Adequate hydration is crucial for best results and to enhance your body's detoxification efficiency.

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what our customers experienced


94% felt less fatigue

90% had increased focus & productivity levels

92% experienced better sleep

89% felt higher energy levels

86% felt reduced backaches

84% felt relieved period symptoms


See what our customers have to say!

9 Key Ingredients

Say hello to stronger immunity and vitality in life!

Known as 'the king of vitalising'

Siberian Ginseng 刺五加

  • Energise your body and elevate vitality as it invigorates Qi to boost your energy levels
  • Enhances hypoxia tolerance, strengthens the body and reduces fatigue
  • Aids in managing high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and hyperglycemia (high blood sugar)

A well-known TCM herb - Improves Qi

Codonopsis 党参

  • Replenishes vital energy to address palpitation and shortness of breath
  • Relieves chronic coughs and enhances white and red blood cell production
  • Enhances overall oxygen activity and Qi, fostering a harmonious balance for improved well-being and vitality

Rich in β-Carotene, Vit E, Flavonoids and Polysaccharide

Goji Berry 枸杞子

  • Improves circulation, lowers body heat, and provides relief from rheumatism
  • Enhances hematopoietic functions, improving blood circulation
  • Supports eye health while reducing inflammation for comprehensive care

Rich in piperine - Bioenhancer

Patent Black Pepper Complex 专利黑胡椒碱

  • Promotes warmth in the body through the thermogenic process
  • Prevents cold hands and feet while boosting metabolism
  • Enhances the absorption rate of nutrients in the body

Tibetan's secret nourishing formula - Contains Rhodioloside

Rhodiola Extract 红景天

  • Supports mitochondrial energy synthesis, enhancing vitality and fortifying the body
  • Elevates oxygen saturation levels, enhancing physical endurance and increasing stamina
  • Effectively counters fatigue induced by stress

Contains antibacterial and anti-inflammatory constituents

Eucommia Leaf 杜仲叶萃取

  • Enhances muscle strength and relieves lower back pain
  • Boosts stamina and immunity while reducing oxidation to maintain physiological functions
  • Possesses mild anti-aging properties and nourishes the kidneys while promoting blood circulation

Rich in Limonin and Flavonoids


  • A potent antioxidant that increases blood flow and improves blood circulation
  • Actively supports vascular health, promoting optimal blood vessel function and enhancing overall cardiovascular well-being
  • Facilitates recovery and sustains essential physiological functions

Rich in Potassium, Sodium, Iron, Vit A, Vit B, and Vit C


  • Essential elements for hematopoiesis - crucial for the formation and development of blood cells
  • Hematopoiesis is the vital process of generating new blood cells from stem cells, essential for maintaining a replenished blood supply.
  • Actively shields cells from oxidative damage, employing powerful antioxidants to fortify cellular resilience and maintain overall health

A well-known chinese herb - Rich in Iron


  • Enhances hematopoiesis and elevates oxygen saturation levels in blood cells
  • Promotes blood circulation, metabolism, and enhances nutrient absorption
  • Elevates digestion, boosts energy levels, and alleviates fatigue