CaloRid Flush FAQ

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What is the taste of CaloRid® Flush?

CaloRid® Flush is a natural source fruit tea flavour with a refreshing taste that is not too sweet.

Can I mix CaloRid® Flush with hot water?

It is recommended to dissolve 1 sachet of CaloRid® Flush in 150ml of cold or room temperature water. The product's effectiveness and taste are optimised when prepared according to these instructions.

Mixing CaloRid® Flush with hot water may alter the product's properties or flavour, so it is advisable to follow the suggested usage guidelines for the best results.

Can I mix CaloRid® Flush with other beverages?

CaloRid® Flush offers a refreshing fruit tea flavor that strikes a perfect balance-not overly sweet nor overpowering. This subtle taste is intentionally designed to be versatile, allowing for seamless mixing with various beverages according to individual preferences or experiences.

Alternatively, simply dissolve one sachet of CaloRid® Flush in 150ml of cold or room temperature water.

Is CaloRid® Flush vegan friendly?

While CaloRid® Flush is not certified vegan, it is indeed lacto-vegetarian friendly. One of the ingredients in CaloRid® Flush, Galactooligosaccharide (GOS), contains milk product.

Therefore, it suitable for lacto-vegetarians who include dairy in their diet. We're committed to transparency about our ingredients to ensure our customers make informed choices.

Can pregnant or nursing women consume CaloRid® Flush?

We recommend that pregnant or nursing women consult with their healthcare provider before incorporating CaloRid® Flush or any dietary supplement into their routine.

While many of the ingredients in CaloRid® Flush are generally considered safe, individual health conditions and requirements during pregnancy or nursing can vary.

How are the ingredients in CaloRid® deemed safe for pregnancy, especially considering the inclusion of kombucha?

The Kombucha powder used in our formula contains only a low percentage (0.1-0.2%) of caffeine.

During the process of transforming Kombucha into a powder form, alcohol is typically evaporated. This meticulous processing results in an extremely low or zero alcohol content in the final product.

We understand the concerns associated with caffeine and alcohol during pregnancy, and we have taken extra steps to minimise these elements in our formula.

The Kombucha powder in CaloRid® Flush is distinguished by its higher purity and fewer impurities compared to traditional Kombucha

What is the difference between traditional Kombucha and the Kombucha powder used in CaloRid® Flush?

Unlike traditional Kombucha, which is commonly in liquid form and subject to individual brewing techniques with potential variations and bacterial contamination risks, the Kombucha powder in CaloRid® Flush undergoes a specialised processing method. This ensures safety, preserves nutritional content, and removes a significant portion of caffeine and alcohol.

The patented process also transforms it into a convenient powdered form, making it portable, easy to consume on the go, and maintaining high purity.

Is it safe for people with diabetes to use CaloRid® Flush?

Yes, CaloRid® Flush can be considered safe for people with diabetes.

Nutrition fact per serving:
- Carbohydrate 4.4g
- Total sugar 1.6g
- Energy 18 kcal

While these values are relatively low, it's always advisable for individuals with diabetes to consult with their healthcare provider before incorporating any dietary supplement into their routine.

Is it suitable for children or teenagers?

CaloRid® Flush is safe for children and teenagers, as it does not contain ingredients unsuitable for their consumption.

For children aged 6-12, it's recommended to start with half a sachet daily and monitor their condition. In case of any allergic reactions, discontinue use and consult with a healthcare provider.

How does CaloRid® Flush support weight management?

CaloRid® Flush aids weight management through a balanced blend that supports appetite control, optimised digestion, gut health, increased satiety, and metabolism elevation.

The combination aims to help users manage food intake, improve nutrient absorption, and foster a healthy gut, contributing to effective weight management.

Can CaloRid® Flush help to lose weight?

If your weight issue is related to compromised gut health, this formula can play a crucial role in supporting weight management.

If you're dealing with a bloated tummy, CaloRid® Flush's unique blend of ingredients works synergistically to reduce bloating, contributing to a flatter and more comfortable stomach.

By promoting regular bowel movements, reducing water retention, and supporting gut health, CaloRid® Flush becomes a valuable ally in your holistic approach to weight management

Can I take CaloRid® Flush with other supplements or medications?

With the exception of GLOW - LT+ where the full ingredients and formulation are known, it is generally recommended to wait 1-2 hours before or after taking other supplements or medications.

If you have underlying medical conditions, consult with your healthcare provider. If unsure about potential interactions with current medications, seek advice from your healthcare provider.

Is it suitable for people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)?

While CaloRid® Flush may assist individuals with IBS by optimising digestion, supporting gut health, and promoting appetite balance, it's essential for those with IBS to consult with their healthcare provider before incorporating any new supplement into their routine, as individual responses to dietary supplements can vary.

Does it contain caffeine?

Yes, CaloRid® Flush contains caffeine due to the inclusion of kombucha powder. However, it's important to note that the caffeine content is extremely low, ranging from only 0.1-0.2%(1mg).

This minimal amount is generally well-tolerated by most individuals, but if you are sensitive to caffeine or have specific concerns, it's advisable to consult with a healthcare provider.

Is there a risk of dependence on CaloRid® Flush for regular bowel movements?

There is generally no risk of dependence on CaloRid® Flush for regular bowel movements. The product is designed to promote long-term improvements in gut health and overall digestion. It goes beyond being merely a fibre drink that triggers bowel movements.

The thoughtfully crafted formula aims to support a sustained and balanced detoxification process while enhancing overall digestive well-being.

Why am I experiencing difficulty with bowel movements even after using CaloRid® Flush?

Experiencing difficulty with bowel movements, even after using CaloRid® Flush, may be influenced by various factors. Consider ensuring adequate hydration, a diet rich in fibre and healthy fats, regular physical activity, and stress management.

Medications and underlying health conditions could also contribute. Complement product use with a holistic approach to health, including diet and exercise.

Will I experience severe stomachaches or frequent trips to the toilet after consuming?

CaloRid® Flush is designed to promote digestive health and regular bowel movements without causing severe stomachaches or frequent trips to the toilet when used as directed.

The inclusion of natural ingredients, including those with potential laxative properties like cassia seed extract, is intended to support digestive balance gently.

Is it normal not to experience bowel movements the next day after consuming CaloRid® Flush?

Yes, it's normal not to experience bowel movements the next day after taking
CaloRid® Flush, as individual responses can vary based on factors like diet, hydration, and gut health.

The supplement's blend of fibres, enzymes, and probiotics is designed to support digestive health over time, so immediate changes in bowel movement frequency might not occur for everyone.