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Susenji Ollie

Susenji Ollie

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Susenji Ollie is a healthy weight management product that targets the body's main fat burning function.

By enhancing the body's mitochondrial fat burning function, it makes fat loss and slimming twice as effective, easier to achieve and build an ideal body shape.

1 box has 25 sachets inside, yummy strawberry flavour. 

  • Smart Fat Burner 🔥
  • Converts fat into energy 💪🏻
  • Reduce glucose absorption by 46%
  • Muscle building and slimming 👙
  • Inhibit fatty acid synthesis 🧬
  • Boost metabolism 🆙
  • The First Formula in Southeast Asia 🏆

With the latest Japanese technology, Susenji is the first company in the SEA to work with OLEAVITA extracted from organic olive leaf extract that promotes natural fat burning effect 🔥

It increases your metabolism rate and enhance liver functions naturally through the activation of the fat burning effect of your mitochondria 🆙 

With Moro Blood Orange Extract, it inhibits body fat accumulation so look forward to getting your ideal, slimmer body shape 😉

Meant to be taken before meals, it is easy and convenient to incorporate into our modern generation lifestyle! A pack of OLLIE before meal, just tear open and consume, easy and convenient.

  • Loved by many
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